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Nowadays, few people are aware of the influence of the tyres, not only in terms of performance, but also on the economic and environmental aspects of a vehicle. As car tyre dealers, Point S specialise in services related to tyres and car maintenance. Discover all our tyre services and get in touch with your Point S outlet.


Fitting your car tyres by our experts

When tyre wear becomes an issue, you have to fit a new tyre. It is recommended to have your tyres fitted by a professional.

It is better to fit the new tyres at the rear because they wear out more quickly. Indeed, the rear tyres maintain the trajectory of the vehicle.

To fit your tyres, our Point S expert will:
  • Check the consistency between the dimensions of the wheel and the tyre to be mounted (width and diameter)
  • Lubricate the wheels
  • Correctly inflate the tyre so the wheels are properly fitted to the edges of the rim
  • Set the pressure determined by the vehicle manufacturer and the tyre manufacturer


And because car tyre services are our job, we have developed car tyres exclusively available in Point S shops for summer, winter, and all seasons.Find out more on Point S tyres.


Balancing and alignment of your car tyres

Balancing tyres consists in distributing the weight of the wheel in a precise and uniform way. It is to place counterweights on the rims while alignment enables to position the wheels parallel to each other and in the axis of the road.

Read more on tyre balancing and tyre alignment services provided by our experts.


Car tyre pressure

Properly inflated, tyres can save up to 20% of fuel. Tyre pressure checks should be done regularly by car drivers. At Point S, we offer to check your tyres' pressure and to inflate them if needed.


Car tyre maintenance and repair

Have you punctured your car tyre?

At Point S, we inspect your flat tyre and fix it if possible. Indeed, depending on the type of puncture, we propose to fix your car tyre which is a more economical solution. We will examine the tyre to inspect the condition of the puncture.

It will not be possible to fix your puncture if the perforation exceeds 6 mm or ¼ inch, if the internal structure of your tyre has been damaged after a long driving distance, or if your car has remained parked for a long time. The hole must be located on the thread and not on the side or on the rounded corner of the tyre (the shoulder of the tyre).

Remember that tyres are the only contact you have with the road so it is important for your safety. Ask for advice from your Point S centre.

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