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How to reduce fuel consumption?


Did you know that tyres, traffic jams, weather, speed, traffic conditions, and driving styles all have an impact on your fuel consumption? Point S can help you understand how.

What are the impact of my tyres on fuel consumption?

Tyres can account for up to 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Buying new tyres?

You need to choose tyres carefully to optimise your fuel consumption: tyre size, tyre pressure, and tyre wear are elements that you must take into account before buying tyres.

A wider tyre improves handling but increases rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance positively affects energy efficiency and it is then important to reduce fuel consumption by not going too wide on your tyres.

Maintaining your tyres?

Tyre pressure is crucial since low tyre pressure increases rolling resistance and impacts wet grip performance. Be sure to inflate your tyres properly.

Ask your nearest Point S centre for more information.

Your local Point S expert can help and advise you on the best tyres for your vehicle or can simply check your tyre pressure if you are not sure you are doing it right.

Which other factors will reduce my fuel consumption?

Other factors can affect your fuel consumption such as driving speed, climate, the amount of air drag on your vehicle, traffic conditions and your engine type. We offer you some top tips to optimise your fuel consumption.

  • Shut off your engine for a stop of more than 30seconds. Today’s cars use electronic fuel injectors that do not allow fuel waste during startup.
  • Adapt your driving style. If you want to cut down on fuel, drive steadily and anticipate your braking.
  • Avoid heavy loads. Do you have a roof box or a bicycle rack? If you don’t need them, don’t take them with you.Keeping these unused items slows your car down and uses more fuel. If you are using your boot to store items that you don't need to transport regularly, removing them will help save fuel. The lighter the better.
  • Keep your windows closed. Avoid open windows, especially on motorways to help reduce fuel consumption.


Regular checks can help use your fuel wisely. Choose your tyres carefully, change your driving habits and you will see your fuel spend decrease. In reducing your fuel spend you will also reduce your emissions and that is good for our environment !

For more information, visit your nearest Point S center.


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